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Introducing Arena Season 1 & End Season Tournament - 100€ Budget

Server is now online. On this day 14.4. started first Arena Season which will end on 14.6. at 23:59 PM. For more information about arena season click here.

At the end of the season will be a 2v2 tournament where will take a place the top 12 teams of 2v2 bracket. The budget for this tournament is 100 euros. For more tournament details click on this link.

14.4. 2017

Server Opening Date

We changed server opening date on Friday 14.4. 18:00. We hope, we will see each other there. Stay tuned!

11.4. 2017

Unholy BG Introduction

 We are currently implementing final things on the server and finalizing the website for you. Follow us on our Facebook page if you want to know the current status of the server. If you want to ask us about something or have a good idea how to improve server, let us know on forum, we will appreciate it. You can now use our new TeamSpeak server aswell on adress: ts.proximus-wow.eu

3.4. 2017

Server Information:

 Server was created by group of old and experienced players. Unholy BG is one of the last WotLK 3.3.5a server with based Czechoslovakian community. Realm is instant 80 level with start gear S8 (Wrathful season) and top tier PvE gear. We're not affraid of moving forward or accept new things which keep meta up, we're constructive and we're here for players. Who likes S8 meta after nine years anyway. We bring you new utilities and new game system like new custom PvP seasons but also reworked PvE from TBC or Vanilla and so much more.

Instant level 80
88 talent points
Custom PvP & PvE items
Reworked TBC, Vanilla dungeons
Special items and quests
Daily events
Specific racial spell system
Clear and sophisticated shop zone
Constructive GM team for players
New meta, new fun, new home
...and so much more!

set realmlist proximus-wow.eu

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